Needle Disposal

Needles (also known as Sharps) DO NOT belong in garbage or recycling. 

Contact your local pharmacy to see if they offer sharps containers and disposal services.  For additional drop off locations, visit  

Properly packaged sharps are also accepted at our Hazardous Waste Depot or at one of our Environmental Days. Click here for more information. 

Compost & Wood Mulch Sales

We are SOLD OUT of compost.  Thank you to everyone who has purchased our compost this year.  More will be available in the Fall.  

Utility Grade Wood Mulch is still available for purchase.  

Click here for more information. 


Cardboard Revenue Share

Revenue share rates are updated monthly, as soon as they become available, to reflect current market prices.

Quantity Per Month June Rate
1 to 5 tonnes $15 / tonne
Over 5 and up to 15 tonnes $20 / tonne
15 tonnes or more $35 / tonne

Loads must contain only clean corrugated cardboard and be ready for direct baling.


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